Artificial Intelligence Can Read Your Brain

Scientists have developed a novel (AI) instrument that may measure how well college students perceive an idea based on their brain activity patterns.

The examine, revealed within the journal Nature Communications, is one of the first to have a look at how knowledge learned in class is represented in the brain.

To test knowledge of concepts in STEM, researchers from Dartmouth College within the US examined how novices and intermediate learners’ knowledge and brain activity compared when testing mechanical engineering and physics ideas.

They then developed a brand new technique to evaluate their conceptual understanding.

“Based on the similarities in mind activity patterns, our machine studying algorithm method was capable of distinguishing the differences between these mechanical categories and generate a neural score that reflected this underlying knowledge,” he stated.

“The concept right here is that an engineer and novice will see something different after they take a look at a photograph of structure, and we’re picking up on that difference,” he added.

The study discovered that while both engineering students and novices use the visual cortex equally when applying idea knowledge about engineering, they use the rest of the brain very differently to process the identical visual picture.

The analysis shows that the engineering students’ conceptual knowledge was related to patterns of activity in several brain regions.

The informational network analysis may even have broader applications because it could be used to evaluate the effectiveness of various teaching approaches.

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