Enterprises Looking Forward To Virtual Reality

It can be a while before virtual reality sees a broad consumer audience. However, the enterprise market may take off quicker, and that’s why HTC’s Vive X accelerators are pouring cash into enterprise VR startups.

The latest event in San Francisco where Marc Metis, global head of the Vive X accelerator, introduced investments in quite a lot of firms such as Mynd VR, which is providing VR at senior communities to keep older folks — who can’t travel so easily — entertained with 360-degree travel movies.

HTC additionally confirmed off its high-end HTC Vive Pro Eye, a flagship VR device that may be perfect for organizations, in addition to the HTC Vive Focus Plus, a standalone headset that is only going to be made available to enterprise consumers. I talked with Metis about how VR startups can survive by focusing on work-for-hire enterprise work in addition to new platforms for the enterprise.

Metis: There’ll always be endured innovation in controllers, no doubt. Presently, with what we now have and what we’re coming out with, we’re lined on that front. I believe a lot of it is just the software applications that will help me deliver in opposition to, as an enterprise consumer, my very explicit drawback that I’m seeking to resolve. Perhaps I’ve seasonal employees in massive numbers that I want to get up to speed on a few tasks, something very exact. We didn’t show very much medical these days. We confirmed a little bit on the well being and health side. However, we’ve done different things prior to now on well being and medication. A few of that requires a few extra precision.

Controllers are always an area of innovation. They’re no longer an enormous pain element for us presently. I’d say it’s extra the software applications which can be specific to the needs of enterprise users. They’re pretty proud of the hardware, and now they want it all together in a bundled solution that meets their wishes and makes life simple for them.

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