Google Pixel 4 Is Expected to Come with The Latest Improved Camera

If there’s one small advantage that iPhone cameras have over their Android counterparts, it is that they seize a more significant range of colors, but it looks like Google might catch up in that regard, judging by lines of code discovered within the Google Camera app.

Found by XDA Developers, the lines of code would allow the camera app on Android units to seize pictures within the P3 shade gamut instead of sRGB – and this might make a substantial difference, though notably, the code is at present disabled, so Google hasn’t made the change yet.

sRGB is the color gamut utilized by all Android smartphones, and it captures a 25% smaller range of colors than P3, which all iPhones for the reason that iPhone 7 have used.

Google has previously said that it might move to support a wide color gamut (of which P3 is one), however, hasn’t given a timeline. However, the mention of it in the official Google Camera app suggests it may be coming soon.

If the Google Camera app does expand to capturing P3 colors – and the Android ecosystem can be made to support the move – then we are able to count on newer Android phones to take photos that look a little bit nearer to actual life, particularly when it comes to greens and reds, that are mostly lacking with sRGB.

Since Google’s next flagship, the Google Pixel 4, is expected towards the end of 2019, it is doable that this would be the first smartphone that captures this wider range of colors. If that’s the case, we may well see the handset take the top spot on our best camera phones record, a place which the Pixel 3 held for a while.

We’ll need to wait for the Google Pixel 4’s launch to be sure though, which we’re expecting in October 2019.

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