Sanho Hypercube- The USB and MicroSD Storage in Phone Charger

Sanho’s Hyper brand has introduced us some pretty intelligent solutions to the shortcomings of today’s smartphones, laptops, and tablets for years now, together with a sleek, charger-mounted USB-C hub for MacBooks and wireless charging for AirPods before that was cool. By comparison, their latest is just a little bit by-product — but it surely might be a useful option to automatically back up your iOS or Android device if you plug it in at night time.

The corporate’s new crowdfunded project is called the HyperCube, and it’s a USB dongle that lets your smartphone charger double as a storage device. Drop it into your charger, pop a microSD card, USB flash drive, and even an external hard drive into certainly one of its full-size female USB ports, connect your charge cable into the other, and the app can (allegedly) back up your smartphone while it’s charging. It works with laptops as effectively.

Whereas I say “allegedly” as a result of it’s an unfinished Kickstarter product, I don’t seriously doubt the corporate’s claims. For one factor, Sanho isn’t some fly-by-night startup. It’s delivered on Kickstarter guarantees before, and there’s already a product in the marketplace, the Maktar Qubii, that does a lot the same factor because of the HyperCube. Sanho’s benefit is that second USB port for external drives, plus a discounted early adopter price of $30. However, if you don’t want the second port and wish to attempt the idea sooner, you will discover the Qubii for $40 right now.

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