SpaceX Successfully Launched Falcon Heavy Rocket

American space company SpaceX has successfully launched its giant Falcon Heavy rocket on a flight to deploy 24 satellites.

The rocket lifted off early Tuesday morning from Florida’s Kennedy House Heart. The Falcon Heavy is considered the world’s most reliable operating rocket.

It was the third successful flight of a Falcon Heavy rocket. The U.S. Division of Protection ordered the current mission.

The satellites will be used for experiments involving several U.S. government agencies, in addition to some university projects.

SpaceX chief Elon Musk mentioned Tuesday’s mission was the corporate’s “toughest rocket launch ever.” It required four separate upper-stage engine firings. The satellites additionally needed to be placed in three different orbits. The method was expected to take about six hours.

SpaceX uses reusable rockets to reduce the price of area journey for its customers. These include government and navy agencies, the U.S. space agency NASA and private firms.

Several minutes after liftoff, the Falcon Heavy’s two side boosters returned safely to Earth and landed at Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Drive Station. The center booster was imagined to land on a unique platform in the Atlantic Ocean but did not reach its target.

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