The Boy Grown Up without Computer Is CEO of Google

Google CEO Sundar Pichai grew up in India, with little access to a smartphone — not to mention a pc or the internet. But it surely was this upbringing that helped show him just how powerful technology might be.

The Pichai family waited 5 years before they could get a phone. When they did, neighbors use to come over to make calls.

“It became a common factor. Individuals would come to call their kids,” Pichai informed Poppy Harlow in a unique interview for a new episode of Boss Files. “And so for me, it confirmed the ability of what is doable with expertise.”

Pichai would not personal a devoted pc till he moved to the US and attended Stanford College on a scholarship. But then the remainder was history.

He graduated from Stanford with a grasp’s in engineering and later went on to get an MBA from the Wharton Faculty on the University of Pennsylvania.

Pichai worked at Applied Materials and McKinsey earlier than joining Google in 2004. There, he held quite a lot of roles, together with overseeing Chrome, product chief of Google, and head of the Android operating system. He became CEO in 2015.

Pichai stated the most important lesson he is learned at Google is to listen to the perspectives of other individuals.

“What you think internally, alone, is not sufficient,” he mentioned. “It’s important to hear perspectives from the outside, and you have to be open to what is going on around you, [to] understand the influence of your products, and learn and work hard to make that better.”

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